TEC391 Do All Enzyme Cleaner (1 Gallon)

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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC391 Do All Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate...Dry film, leaves no sticky residue. Low sudsing and water softening. Use in hot or cold water. Use with extractor, Do-All system or by hand. Use on hard or soft surfaces.


May be used at full strength on difficult to remove stains and odors. Dilute 3oz to 4oz per gallon for minor stains or odors. For best results, use TEC1221 Tornador™ Cleaning Tool. Let stand for 5 minutes and wipe with a clean cloth or micro fiber and allow to dry. Fresh Fragrance.

Dilute 1oz to 1 Gallon of Water for Day to Day Cleaning


Biodegradable Non-Soiling Carpets & Upholstery
No Solvents Or Strong Alkaline Hydroxides
Odor Control Pet Areas
Long Term Benefits Of Microbes

Size 1 Gallon

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