Online Orders Shipping Information (Across Canada)

We provide shipping across Canada via Canada Post, Canpar, DHL, Fedex and UPS ground within 48 hours of the order received. 

Freight Free Pre-Paid $150

BC Customers Shipping Information

 Freight Free Pre-Paid $150

Freight Free Pre-Paid $500 for any order containing 5 Gallons/6 Gallons

Flate Rate of $125 shipping for each 55 Gallon Drum shipped from the Chemical Cost Savings Program

Winter Season Shipping

During cold weather months (October to March) there are chances some product may freeze in transit.  There are no shipping companies or couriers that offer any guarantee against freezing.  Liquid items purchased during the winter season can not be refunded do to the risk of improper storage after purchase and a risk to the customer ordering during extreme weather.



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