Starke Revolution Cleaner Wax

Size: 32oz
Sale price$94.99


This Polymer based sealant works just like a polish, Starke's Revolution is cream/white so there is no concern for tinting from dyes in the product. This product can be used on gel coat, paint and metals. Revolution is most commonly applied with a random orbital polisher, this orbital action is what takes best advantage of revolution's cleaning and sealing power. Don't let the name fool you! This product is called a Cleaner wax but the sealant used is a Polymer sealant, polymer's are newer technology that is more durable and much easier to apply. Are you looking for the perfect product to do quarterly cleaning and quick one step jobs with? Then Starke Revolution is the answer.

** Freight pre-paid on orders $500 or more before tax on all Starke Yacht Care Products**

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