Spectrum Professional Series - Extra Fine Metal Polishing Cream 250ml

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No more buff trails โ€“ just a deep, glossy mirror finish.

Utilizing some of the finest abrasives available, this polishing cream produces a deep, glossy mirror finish where only the excellence will suffice. When utilized with a dual-action polisher, this polish completely eliminates buffing lines and can produce surfaces with average Ra values well below a micron after proper preparation. Can be used after a Menzerna medium cut polish, but achieves the cleanest, brightest finish following Finish and/or Super Finish grade compounds. Also makes for easy maintenance on previously polished metals!

For best results, use a dual-action polisher equipped with a soft foam polishing pad wrapped in fine flannel. Some customers have also had success utilizing drum-style polishers and wool pads, depending on the surface being polished and the desired end result; for a cheaper option we have also had success with random orbit palm sanders utilizing an interface pad wrapped in fine flannel. Rotate fabric/clean pads regularly to ensure removed material does not mar your surface.

On some surfaces it can be beneficial to lubricate/clean/dilute the polish with mineral spirits or a similar solvent, but generally speaking the clean flannel should remove all excess polish by the time you are done. We do not generally recommend foam pads on their own as removed material tends to get stuck in the foam and can cause pigtails in your finish.

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