Nasiol TEM APC Pro All Purpose Cleaner 500g

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Nasiol TEM APC Pro is a mighty interior cleaner designed to wipe out dirt and stains on the surfaces of car seats, flooring, plastic sections, and roof interior.

Stubborn stains that are impossible to remove with soap and water require a mixture that is strong enough to expel the stains without causing damage to the surface or surrounding areas.

From automobile flooring to car seats, to the roof o the car, Nasiol TEM APC Pro will eliminate persistent stains from the surface without the need for extra cleaning equipment.


  • Removes tough stains with minimal effort.
  • The compound does not leave a chemical residue after cleaning is complete.
  • Does not contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous to human health.
  • 1/45 ratio dilution


Vehicle seats, plastic parts, carpets, leather, upholstery, roofs, fabric, tires, and engine bays.


  • Before use shake the bottle very well.
  • Apply it by diluting 1/45 ratio with water.
  • It can be applied by cleaning gun, spraying or vacuum cleaner machine.
  • After spraying, surfaces should be cleaned with microfiber cloth and rinsed well
  • Recommended to use before treatment of Nasiol CabinCare or Nano Seat Protect.

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