Nasiol GlasShield Wipe On Nano Repellent Wipe Kit

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Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On forms an invisible layer on the windshield. With its quick and simple application, it enhances visibility and boosts safety with its remarkable water-repelling formula.

Convenience, speed, and performance are what separates Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On from the rest. The application wipes go on fast and efficiently; regardless of the weather conditions, the blend will form a shield on the windshield surface to produce clear, uninterrupted visibility during rough rainy conditions.


  • Specifically designed for windshields.
  • Compact packaging and easy storage.
  • Effortless application.
  • Enhances visibility and safety.
  • Durable up to 40,000 wiper blades or 1 year of daily usage.
  • High durability against detergents and other chemical solutions.


Windshields, exterior glasses and mirrors of cars. Do not use on headlights & taillights, thermosets & thermoplastics, window tints, interior glass of vehicles, textiles/fabrics. Do not apply to interior parts of car glass.


Package no.1:

  • Avoid direct sunlight during the application and only work on cool surfaces.
  • Clean the outer surface of the windshield with a suitable glass cleaner to remove lime, resin, oil, and dust.
  • By looking at the surface from different angles, identify the residues and clean again if necessary. After rinsing with water, dry the windshield with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • Open the package and start to wipe beginning from the top corner of the glass panel, wipe the entire surface with lateral and vertical movements to prepare for treatment of Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On.
  • Allow the surface to dry in ambient conditions. Continue application with Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On (package no. 2).

Package no.2:

  • The application and curing process should be done at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, in a dust free, moisture free environment. Apply at temperatures above 10 ̊C = 50 ̊F for best results.
  • If it is accidentally used on surfaces other than the specified areas, immediately wipe it with microfiber cloth without letting it cure on the surface. Wear gloves before application.
  • First, the surface should be cleaned with Nasiol Clean wipe in package 1. It must be free from any contamination. The surface should also be dry. Coatings made on poorly cleaned surfaces may not be effective. Use one piece of Nasiol GlasShield Wipe-On for half of the windshield.
  • As soon as the wipes are removed from the package, immediately apply on the surface by lateral motion, without overpressing to cover all sides of the half glass panel equally. Try to spread the chemical evenly all over the half glass panel.
  • The tissue will get dry as the product is transferred to the surface. Buff the surface until traces of the wiping totally disappear. To get the best result, leave it to cure for 24 hours in a dust free and dry place away from direct sunlight.

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