Nasiol Cleanion Pro High Foam Car Shampoo 500g

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Cleanion Pro New Formula is a professional car wash shampoo that removes dirt and grime with a safe coating formula.

Cleanion Pro with a thicker, higher, slicker foaming formula, your cleaning experience is like you’ve never seen before! This ultra-new pro formula creates hyper foam and sticks powerfully to your paint cut through dirt and grime.

With the perfect aftercare shampoo formula Cleanion Pro New Formula softens the bond between the surface and dirt particles and provides easy cleaning by reducing surface abrasion for hard-to-shift grimes. It has been specifically formulated to accompany Nasiol Nano Coatings. Advanced technology of this new solution improves durability, bending of ceramic coating and gloss.


  • It is nano-coating safe
  • High foam content
  • Ensure maximum gloss
  • A fresh smell with a citrus fragrance


  • Shake the bottle well before use. Use out of direct sunlight and use on cold surfaces.
  • Machine: Use Nasiol Cleanion Pro by diluting 1:1 (foam lance), 1:100 (water ta<nk). Apply a thick layer of the foam onto the surface of the vehicle and leave it to dwell for 1-2 minutes. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with a high pressure washer to remove all surfactants. Gently dry the vehicle with a soft and lint-free drying towel.
  • Bucket: Rinse off the vehicle with hose or high-pressure water. Dilute 20mL (2 caps) of Nasiol Cleanion Pro in 10L of warm water. Apply it to the vehicle with a high-quality wash mitt. Use a two or three-bucket car wash method with a grit guard if possible. Work in small sections from top to bottom in straight lines while shampooing. Allow hard-to-shift grime to soak for a while. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly with a hose or high-pressure washer to remove all surfactants. Gently dry the vehicle with a soft and lint-free drying towel to prevent water spotting.

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