Maxshine Trigger Bottle Holder

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Maxshine’s ALL-NEW Trigger Bottle Holder is the simplified, space-saving companion to the Trigger and Brush Holder.

Featuring 3 extended slots to place anywhere from 5 to 6 Bottles at a time, keeping them organized and safe from damage and cracking.


The spray bottle hanger provides an easy way to hang your spray bottles and use them conveniently. You can easily put the holder and hanger onto a wall.  It takes only a few minutes to complete installation, which gives you so much convenience.

Features and Benefits: 

· 3 Trigger Slots – Holds 5-6 Spray bottles

· Durable Iron Construction for a long lifespan 

· High Corrosion Resistance

· Corresponding Screws Included



Width:5 cm

Front height:2cm

Back height:3cm

3 Hole Size:14X3cm


1PCS Trigger Bottle Holder (BOTTLES NOT INCLUDED)

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