Maxshine Mini Cordless Polisher

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The MaxShine Cordless Polisher is the next big player in your detailing arsenal. This all-in-one mini polisher reaches any small detail and provides both dual action and rotary capabilities to meet any need. Compact, lightweight, and full of possibilities, this Mini Polisher is a must for any detailer.

  • Two dual action and one rotary head

  • Included 1.5″ and 2” backing plates, pad sets, and extension bar

  • Enjoy continuous use with two included 2.3Ah battery packs and a battery charger

MaxShine M0312 Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher 

The Maxshine Mini Cordless DA Polisher maximizes your conveniences thanks to its mobility allowing you to access most parts of a car without a power cord.

Features and Benefits

  1. The Maxshine Mini Cordless Dual Action Polisher is a compact 12v cordless dual-action machine polisher.
  2. This hand-held mini polisher can be used as a dual action or rotary polisher simply by swapping out the dual action module and attaching the backing plate directly to the head of the machine.
  3. Both 1.5″ and 2” backing plates are included, as well as extension bars to help reach intricate areas.
  4. Enjoy continuous use with two 2.3Ah battery packs provided, one can be used in the machine whilst the other is on the charge, ensuring the polisher is always ready to use.
  5. The battery charger features an international battery charger also meaning it can be charged wherever you are in the world. and an LED display will show the battery life.

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