Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers - 2 Piece Per Pack

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Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Rollers – Twin Pack Eliminates your Hose and Cables from getting stuck around Tires Simple yet extremely handy.

Maxshine Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers-2pcs

Features and Benefits:

  • Ezy Wheel Hose Slide Rollers are a revolutionary tool that prevents your hose and cords from getting caught underneath your tires during a detail
  • Made of heavy-duty polyethylene, these strong tools may very well be the handiest detailing tool you’re ever used
  • The unique design features a roller system that helps your hose or cord move along the guard and prevents any unnecessary friction, as well as a lip on top and below the rollers that keep the hose contained
  • On top of the rollers is a cone-shaped lip that keeps your hose or cord on track. This prevents the hose from accidental paint contact from flailing with a sharp movement
  • The Maxshine Ezy Wheel 2pcs in a pack, the package may vary 

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