Maxshine Ever So Soft (ESS) Detailing Brush

Size: Small
Sale price$24.95


  • Maxshine’s ultimate soft car detailing brushes are made of high-quality 612 Nylon bristles.

  • 612 nylon can remove dust, dirt, and debris from elegant surfaces.

  • While being very soft the bristles and handle will resist corrosive chemicals.

  • The polypropylene textured handle will not mar fragile surfaces and is overall very well balanced.

Features and Benefits:

  • The ESS car detailing brushes are designed to remove dust, dirt, and debris from elegant surfaces
  • Also work great for cleaning around badges, instrument clusters, and trim
  • Brush bristles are not prone to scratch or mar fragile finishes and can resist corrosive chemicals
  • They offer a more valuable, safer, and more comfortable solution when compared to similar products
  • Non-slip with high-quality rubber handle

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