Maxshine Detailing Swirl Finder Pro

Sale price$125.95


  • Durable Construction & Lens
  • Strong Magnetic Grip at Base
  • Charging Station with Magnetic Grip
  • 180 Degree Foldable Design
  • LED Lights for Battery Status

Maxshine LED Swirl Finder Light Pro – Rechargeable

Before use, charge the Swirl Finder, an essential accessory for car detailing, with the provided USB charging cable until fully charged. The first charge will take approximately 1 Hour or until Battery Indicator turns Green.)

Please Note: Do not store the Swirl Finder Pro with a depleted battery, as this may damage the unit. We recommend charging the unit every 30 days, even while not in use to maintain battery life.

Reliable Concave Protector

The led light bulk is embedded Into the curve body to protect the LED bulk from scratching or impacting. Make illumination even and uniform at whatever angle you set the work light.

Package including:

  1. LED Swirl Finder Pro – Rechargeable
  2. 1m USB cable
  3. 100-240V to 5V 1A charger
  4. Instructions

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