Maniac Wheel & Tire Cleaner 1L

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Removes brake dust and road dirt

  • Removes brake dust and road dirt
  • Effective for cleaning the tyres and the entyre wheel compartment
  • It is able to remove the polishes previously applied, thus preparing the tyres for the subsequent polishing or dressing phase
  • It has a specific and balanced acid-free, effective and safe formula
  • Versatile: depending on the type of dirt, it can be used with dilution up to 1:10
  • Effortlessly dissolves winter road dirt and brake dust that settles on the rims, restoring its original appearance
  • Due to its high detergency capacity it is also suitable for cleaning the suspension section, the tyres and the plastic coverings of the wheel arch compartment.
  • Effective for cleaning tyres even with white bands: it is able to remove previously applied tyre polishes and dirt accumulated throughout the wheel compartment
  • Sweet and pleasant scent

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