Labocosmetica Purifica - Decontaminant Rejuvenating Shampoo (1 Litre)

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Decontaminant - rejuvenating Shampoo for coating and sealants
The limescale particles that are deposited on the bodywork can be caused by less than perfect drying, summer storms, mineral-rich sandy rain or acid rain, which weigh down and drastically reduce the life and self-cleaning effect of the previously applied protective coating. 

• #PURÌFICA solves the root problem, effectively yet gently dissolving and sequestering the calcium and mineral deposits deposited on the bodywork and residues of contamination from acid rain.
• #PURÌFICA enhances and revitalises the features of nanocoating and of previously applied sealants.
• #PURÌFICA does not contain waxes or sealants and does not alter the natural performance of the protection present, thus allowing the detailer to check the effective lifespan of the applied treatment.
Thanks to its special characteristics, it ensures excellent results also with a foam gun.


#PURÌFICA shampoo is extremely versatile and can be used with different dilutions. To purify surfaces protected by Nano Coating, use it every 3 washes with a 1:60 dilution and apply with a glove. In case of sandy rain, full of mineral residues, or when your car has to stay under the snow, you can always use it as a post coating maintenance shampoo or as a second prewash in a 1 to 40 dilution. Let it sit about 4 minutes without drying on the bodywork and then rinse. Purifica can be used in a foam gun in a 1 to 6 dilution with a final dilution of 1 to 80. To remove visible limescale contamination: use #PURÌFICA in a 1:10 dilution, spray it and use a glove or brush on the most contaminated part, such as car emblems and chrome inscriptions, and on plastic parts around the windscreen wipers. In case of persistent stains or heavy contamination due to limestone or mineral deposits, such as rust or cement stains, we recommend using our #ÈNERGO “Acid Rain Water Stain Remover”.

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