Labocosmetica Derma Sealant - Leather Protectant 250ml

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Derma Sealant is the specific long-term protection product for leather in the range Labocosmetica .

This product will protect your leather interior for about 15,000 km or 4 months against traces of transfers (discoloration) especially on fragile light colors, but also limits surface abrasion thanks to the physical barrier it creates on the surface.

A hydrophobic protection will also be created on the surface to protect your leather interior against liquid spills or prevent the interiors of convertibles from sudden rain.

Derma Sealant will not alter the look or feel of your leather.

Instruction for Use

- Thoroughly clean your leather with Derma Cleaner .
- Dry the surfaces well.
- Shake Derma Sealant .
- Spray Derma Sealant on a microfiber pad.
- Spread in straight motions evenly without applying excessive pressure.
- Let the product dry.
- Ideally, apply a second coat after 1 hour.

The hardening of the layer occurs after 24 hours but the use of the treated supports can be done after 20 minutes of installation.

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