Labocosmetica Cupido - Nano Composite Sealant 500ml

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Cupido is a product unique nano-composite. Its formula bridges the gap between a nano-ceramic product and a traditional sealant. The polymer matrix generated by Cupido has a structure comparable to a flexible elastomer which can anchor and adhere to the surface protecting it against abrasions caused by mechanical actions (washing mitt) and acid and alkaline chemical attacks.

Cupido generates a physical and chemical barrier. This is why it offers better protection against lime and atmospheric agents than other waxes on the market. Cupido can be applied over other waxes or nano waxes to maintain them. It is also recommended on super hydrophobic nano fluoropolymer protectors which are generally subject to the phenomenon of water spots.

Cupido creates a deep shine and offers excellent anti-static and self-cleaning ability. The duration of Cupido can be extended from 5 (if applied alone) to 9 months, depending on the different combinations the retailer wants to implement. It is essential for classic cars where ceramic guards cannot be used.

Cupido is the result of research and development from Mafra laboratories and has been thoroughly tested with the most prestigious sports car manufacturers in the world.


Cupido + Perfecta

Spray Perfecta on a microfiber pad and distribute Cupido evenly over the surface to be treated, 40x40 cm at a time. Apply the product with the pad moistened with Perfecta using a “Criss-Cross” method. Remove with a microfiber short-haired and remove any residue with a "DOUBLE SIDED" cloth.

Venere + Cupido

Cupido can be applied together with the product extra Venere and removed together, in one step, for greater depth and duration of color and shine.

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