Koch Reactivation Shampoo RS 1L

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Descaling soap for ceramic coatings

Strong foaming, acidic shampoo to reactivate ceramic seals. Hydrophilic dirt such as dust, limescale and salts are removed by washing with the Reactivation Shampoo. Such dirt impairs the easy-to-clean effect and the hydrophobic effect of the ceramic-sealed surfaces. The acidic setting of the shampoo ensures that the dirt is loosened and removed. This revives the dirt and water-repellent properties of the ceramic coating.

Recommendations for use

Coarse dirt should be removed with an alkaline pre-cleaner and high-pressure wash before using Reactivation Shampoo. Dilute the shampoo 1:200 (for hand washing 50 ml to 10 l) with water. This achieves a pH of 3.0. When using a foam cannon, adjust the pre-dilution accordingly. Wash the pre-cleaned and still wet vehicle with a washing sponge. Rinse the product thoroughly to avoid stains. Dry off residual water.

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