Hi-Tech Vortex Air-Whip Cannister Cleaning Gun

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An advanced cleaning gun designed to enhance the results of your cleaners with a unique tornado cleaning action.

  • The easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces.
  • Combines your favorite cleaning solution with the power of compressed air.
  • Creates a tornado cleaning action.
  • Great for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas.

The Vortex Air-Whip Cleaning tool is the easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces. This pneumatic-driven tool creates a tornado cleaning action that blasts your favorite cleaner into hard to reach areas. Use the Air-Whip to clean fabric seats, carpet, headliners, floor mats, door panels, dashboards, cup holders, and upholstery on interiors. On the exterior, use it to clean wheels, convertible tops and body seams. The Air-Whip allows you to clean where other tools can't!

The Air-Whip combines your favorite cleaning solution with with the power of compressed air. The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip release a fine mist of cleaning solution that does not saturate the surface. It's great for cleaning large surfaces areas, attacking spots and stains as well as getting to those hard-to-reach areas! You'll see the liquid becoming dirty as the grime is released from the surface. Wipe away the grime with a microfiber towel, then flip the switch to shut off the cleaning solution and use the compressed air to dry the surface. 

It's heavy-duty materials allows for low maintenance and minimum wear, allowing it to tackle even the toughest jobs. It is light-weight and high-powered. A must have tool for every detail shop! 

How to use the Vortex Air-Whip Cleaning Tool:

  1. Fill the 32 oz. canister with your favorite cleaning solution. Dilute if necessary according the labels instructions.
  2. Turn the valve straight up and use an overlapping motion to clean the surface. 
  3. Use a clean, dry microfiber to absorb any excess liquid.
  4. Turn the cleaning solution valve off to turn the tool into dry cleaning mode to blast air where you just cleaned for faster drying.

The Air-Whip Cleaning Tool works best with an air compressor that produces 5 CFM or more at 90 psi. It must be used with an air compressor capable of providing a constant air pressure of at least 60 psi. Do not exceed 110 psi to keep your Air-Whip in good condition. Use the green valve to control the amount of cleaning solution released by the Air-Whip.

Part Number V-100

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