Car Brite Klearly Orange Glass Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Sale price$50.00


A streak-free glass cleaner with a citrus fragrance that quickly removes dirt, bugs, smoker’s haze, vinyl fog and road grime from glass, chrome and other smooth surfaces.  Its ammonia-free formula is safe for tinted windows.

  • Quickly removes range of contaminants from glass and chrome surfaces 
  • Alcohol and grease-cutting agents quickly remove smoke, traffic film, bugs, oil and vinyl fog  
  • Ready-to-use formula fast and easy to use 
  • Ammonia-free formula will not streak windows or damage tinting

How to use

Lightly mist cleaner directly on glass. 

2. Agitate cleaner with microfiber or lint-free towel. To prevent streaking, designate towels as “window only”, and store and wash them separately from other shop towels. 

3. Wipe glass dry with separate towel.

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