Car Brite CB Aerosol Glass Cleaner

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A dry foaming glass cleaner with a pleasant spearmint fragrance that quickly removes dirt, bugs, smoker’s haze, vinyl fog and road grime from glass, chrome and other smooth surfaces.  The heavy duty foam clings to vertical surfaces allowing the perfume grade alcohol to clean to a streak-free shine.  Its ammonia-free formula is safe for tinted windows.

Function: Glass Cleaner 
Surfaces: Glass, mirrors and chrome 
Formulation: Aerosol 
Flammability: Low 
Color: Dry white foam 
Fragrance: Spearmint


How to use


1. Spray product directly on glass. 

2. Agitate solution with microfiber or lint-free towels. To prevent streaking, designate them as "window only", and store and wash them separately from shop towels. 

3. Wipe glass clean with second cloth or towel.

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