Car Brite Automatic Car Soap (5 Gallon)



A premium quality, highly concentrated soap formulated with state of the art cleaning agents to ensure a spotless finish. Its thick foaming action produces excellent lubricating qualities when cleaning even the dirtiest vehicles. Its pH balanced formula is safe for all finishes and car wash systems.


Appearance: Blue-green liquid

Fragrance: Cherry

pH: 8 – 9

Sizes Available: 5 gallons and 55 gallons


Touchless & Friction

Direct Feed Rate*: 15 - 20 ml

Dilution Rate: 240:1 - 320:1

Hydro 511 Tip: Pink (over 240:1 reqiures Ultra Lean Kit)

* Direct Feed Rate is based on a “per car” average, and can vary by dispensing equipment flow rates

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