Autofiber [Interior Flip] Microfiber Dash, Plastic, Leather & Upholstery Towel (8 in. x 8 in) 6 pack

Sale price$39.95


This is a traditional, high quality, medium pile, 300 gsm terry microfiber towel constructed with our "flip" design. Pre-folded and sewn into an 8"x8" shape, with four distinct sections and eight sides for wiping. Use it as a mitt or as a towel, stick your hand in it for better control, hold it from the outside while it keeps it's proper shape. 

The proper technique for using a 16"x16" microfiber towel is to fold it twice so that you have 8 distinct wiping sides. This towel makes this process faster and more efficient. The pre-sewn design prevents the towel from unfolding and losing its shape as you wipe. 

This is a great towel to keep in your dashboard or center console, for quick cleanup of spills, bird droppings, window fog, dash dust, etc. The compact design means you can roll up up and stick it away in a small compartment. 

The flip design makes the towel easier to control in tight spaces. As each towel section gets soiled or wet, you can flip to a new clean side. 

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