3D Green Foam Cutting Pad

Size: 5.5"
Sale price$13.95


3D Foam Pads are made to last and get the job done.

What is it?
High performance foam cutting pad for use with rotary and orbital polishers.

What does it do?
When used with 3D compounds and polishes, these foam cutting pads remove defects in paint like swirls, scratches, water spots, oxidation.

When do you use it?
Typically foam cutting pads are the first paint correction step after the normal steps of washing, drying, and claying the paint. Foam cutting pads are used to remove the deepest and most severe paint defects followed by the polishing step where a less aggressive pad and product are used.

Why use 3D’s 5.5” Green Foam Cutting Pads over other options?
Cheap foam buffing pads don’t last long because the foam tears-up or bowls inward when exposed to high temperatures from heavy compounding.

3D’s foam buffing pads use advanced foam chemistry where the foam is modified and tuned for specific functions like durability, heat and chemical resistance, sustained cell wall structure under extreme work loads for more uniform cutting performance from start to finish.

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