3D ACA 500 X-Tra Cut Compound

Size: 8oz
Sale price$19.95


  • Step 1 extra cutting body shop compound with foam or wool pad
  • Cuts P1000 grit sandpaper or finer
  • Removes sanding marks, deep scratches, oxidation, and water spots
  • Levels car paint surface to create a more perfect finish

3D ACA 500 X-TRA Cut Compound is the wool pad version of 3D ACA 510 for shops that prefer and use wool pads when cutting with a rotary polisher.

When it comes to polishing paint, THE most important factor is the abrasive technology. Think about it? It is the abrasives that TOUCH the paint first, then the buffing pad. Behind the pad is the tool and behind the tool is the person.

3D Products is unique in ALL the world because our abrasive technology is unique to 3D. We make all our own powders, (powders mean abrasive technology), we go as far to make our own raw materials to make our own powders! There’s no other company that can make this claim.

Tunch Goren, the head chemist, founder and owner of 3D Products came up with this technology completely on his own after studying abrasive technology and formulations for over 25 years. Tunch’s passion is to continually create abrasive technology that is unlike no other abrasive technology in the world.

The process that Tunch Goren invented and manufactures in-house in Santa Clarita, California is unique – there are no other manufacturing plants on Earth with this capability.

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