3D 412 Carnauba Paste Wax 12oz

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  • High grade carnauba paste wax
  • Applicator pad included
  • Easy application and longer lasting than liquid wax
  • Superior shine and protection
  • Carnauba paste wax is a grade one carnauba wax. It has a very nice scent and it is going to give you the deepest shine that a carnauba could possibly give you.
  • Carnauba paste wax is very simple and very easy to apply. Take our 3D applicator sponge, put a little bit on there just enough to make sure you achieve full coverage and in small motions circular motions go ahead and massage gently into the surface.
  • Carnauba paste wax, or any type of wax, is not made to remove scratches; what a carnauba paste wax, or any type of wax, is designed for is to be a sacrificial layer and to give your paint depth and color enhance that color, and give you kind of a very wet look.
  • Using back and forth motions, be sure you get full coverage. If you have to, you can apply a little bit more. Now it comes down to user preference.
  • Some people like doing the circular motions. Some like to do a back and forth motion. Some people are worried about whether this technique will leave swirl marks in the paint.
  • Keep your applicator clean and keep your wax nice and clean, then you shouldn’t have any problem. Apply the wax evenly… then allow it to haze.
  • keep it away from your door jambs your plastics and rubbers.
  • Apply this product in the shade, out of direct sunlight, just for the ease of use and make sure you get 100% coverage and one thing to note about carnauba wax is that carnauba wax will not build upon itself no matter how many coats you put on.
  • It doesn’t mean you’re gonna get more wax on the surface. The only reason for a second coat is to be sure that you did not miss any spots.
  • Expect it to flash in about three to four minutes. Remove the flashed wax with a clean microfiber towel. You will get a nice deep and wet look. Make sure you always inspect the microfiber towel to be sure that there is nothing on the towel that could cause any scratching. Fold the microfiber towel into fours. Gently massage it off the surface.
  • It is best not to apply in direct sunlight. Do the application in the shade or in a garaged area.

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