TEC375/86 Super Solvent (1 Gallon)

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Introducing Technician’s Choice® TEC375/86 Super Solvent Spot Remover...A blend of cleaning solvents developedespecially to meet the requirements of the professional New Car Prep Department. Removes grease, gum, spots and stains on vinyl and upholstery. Adhesives, sealers and rubber cements on vinyl, waxes, tar, silicones, undercoating overspray and gummy substances.


TEC375/86 must be at room temperature when using. When removing grease, undercoating or gummy substances from hard surfaces or vinyl, dampen rag and wipe away. On fabric; use as a spot remover by dabbing the spot and lifting it, continuously using a clean part of the towel.

Outstanding Features:

Dries Quickly Without Leaving A Film
Safe On All Auto Paint Finishes
Will Not Dull The Paint Finish
Will Not Take Away The Sheen On Vinyl Surfaces
Will Not Leave Rings Or Stains On Cloth Interiors

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