GlassParency Graphene Spray Coating

Size: 8 oz
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Protection and shine in less time with GP's Graphene Spray Coating

Our Graphene Spray Coating is versatile and satisfyingly effective. Spray a variety of exterior surfaces to protect from contaminants and enhance the appearance of the vehicles exterior.

Features & Benefits
  • Creates an Ultra-Hydrophobic layer of protection for your cars exterior surfaces
  • Protects paint from Water Spotting, UV Rays, Chemical Stains & Contaminants
  • Renew & Maintain the performance and appearance of Graphene or Ceramic coatings
  • Works as a drying agent after a car wash
  • Extreme glossy, slick appearance
Product Durability
  • Up to a year as a standalone sealant

Product Application

For a controlled application, spray Graphene Spray Coating onto a clean microfiber towel or coating applicator. You may spray the coating directly onto a panel, however, be cautious of over-spray to avoid high spots. Work the product into the panel using a cross-hatch pattern (side-to-side, top-to-bottom) to ensure even coverage. You will notice the product flash/rainbow on the surface. Continue wiping to ensure coating is fully and evenly distributed.

**Mask and/or respirator should be worn
**Use of latex gloves is recommended
**Use of eye protection is recommended

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