GlassParency Boost Multi-Use Sealant

Size: 8 oz
Sale price$24.00


The most versatile product in GlassParency's arsenal

Nothing's better than admiring your car when it looks like it belongs in a showroom because of the sweat you put into getting it there. 

Boost fits perfectly into your detailing routine as the finishing touch after a wash. Just grab a microfiber, spray Boost onto a clean car, and buff it to a glossy, deep shine. Apply it to paint, wheels, plastic, or trim to add shine and hydrophobic protection.

Use this silica-based spray sealant on its own for 3-6 months of effectiveness or as a seasonal coating maintenance topper to extend the life of your ceramic or graphene coating. 

Features & Benefits

  • Creates an Ultra-Hydrophobic layer of protection for your car exterior surfaces
  • Adds a glossy, slick appearance
  • Protects paint from Water Spotting, UV Rays, Chemical Stains & Contaminants
  • Renew & maintain the performance and appearance of Graphene or Ceramic coatings
  • Works as a drying agent after a car wash
  • 3-6 month durability as a standalone sealant

Product Application

Spray evenly onto vehicle surface. Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the surface in a cross-hatch (side-to-side, top-to-bottom) pattern to evenly distribute the product. With a clean, dry microfiber, gently level/wipe away any excess product leaving behind a clean, streak-free, hydrophobic shine

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